Our team 

Our team

Our team is aware of a nationwide necessity to train and prepare more Chauffeurs with CDLs. 

Boston CDL Driving School is a technical driving school and here we are devoted to training chauffeurs and the molding of young professionals to become professional Commercial Drivers certified by the state of Massachusetts.

Our team of friendly instructors with years of real training experience, include nor only on the road time but moreover behind the wheel training.

We are fully committed to your learning process and look forward to creating an innovative training program by introducing technology and the best experience in a classroom setting.

Our training program is aimed to prepare Chauffeurs for all different types of driving. 

Our team has experienced support and professional background, totally customer service oriented that helps the successful growth of the school every day and in addition, it plays a role in attracting more students to be professional CDL Chauffeurs.

By pushing back our sleeves and engaging in real life experiences, in this way our team is able to develop one of a kind experiences to our students.