Here is how you obtain more discounts:

Early Bird Specials-  If you book your session, reserve, and pay in full 60 days prior to your session first day you will receive a total of 10% discount on your services.

Buddy System– Sign up with a friend, reserve, and pay and both will receive 10% OFF your total services. (If you sign up 60 days prior with your buddy you will receive an additional 5% each, payments in full must be posted 60 days prior of the first day of class)

Group Placement- Place 4 individual or more and receive a total of 15% discount on your services. Payment must be submitted in full for all candidates upon reserving.

Scholarships-  Individual scholarships are given from time to time. Please inquire with our Academic Advisors about special opportunities at the moment.

Referral Program- If you took a class within the last year and would like to refer a friend, you could earn $200 for every referral or past the savings to your friend.  (Referral fee will be given once payment has been collected in full; from the current student)

Boston CDL Driving School

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